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On Being An Empath.

Do you feel it too? Why is the World hurting? Yesterday afternoon before the sunset, I was in the park before the rain. At the place under a tree that I call my reserved spot, where I only allow squirrels to join me. After a long walk, I was happily lost in my world of loud music, lying on the grass and observing people. I didn’t notice her until I paused my headphones. Nearby, there was this woman hysterically crying at the park. I don’t know her story, but her crying was full of this sadness that could turn anyone around into an empath. It touched me. Instantly, my problems became smaller compared to the pain coming from her energy. And I had this need of standing up and approach a complete stranger. I mean, she chose my reserved spot to cry.

You know, we all have this superhero complex, of thinking we know what would be best to help others. And in my superheroine moment, I considered to go over there and offer to listen. Or maybe I should inform her about this incredible book that helps people let go of sinking feelings? I got it. I should tell her about my favorite green-juice recipe that cures everything in life, even wrinkles? Was she depressed? Turmeric pills. Was it anxiety? Ashwagandha pills. Lack of sleep? Melatonin or warm almond milk at night. I should also inform her about Maca powder, right? Sprinkle that like glitter into everything you eat. Bake cookies with Maca. Why? Well, because… just trust me or do your research. Was it losing weight? I know, it is still bikini season. I’m on the same boat. I would suggest all the things that I’m doing for myself: the gym, nutrition and a healthy slow pace. Self-love helps a lot too. It brings sexy back. Was is grieving a loved one? Oh no, no cure for that one, except tears and time. A lot of time. Was it a heartbreak? That was easy, forget the loser and move on. Keep your head high, girl. I have been on the same boat as well. Social media? It is not real life. It’s Neverland. Everybody is faking a life. Sickness? Family? Friends? Stabbers? A boyfriend who cheats and lies? Work? A new career? Her finance? Kids? School? Coworkers? Parents? Her dog? Cat? The planet dying? GMOs on her food? Not enough money to travel the world? The news? Her body? The past? The future? Which one was it? Everything in life at once? Sigh.

In the end, I realized that she got it. Because she was doing the right thing for her. She was dealing with her problems at her own time. By letting go through tears. Hey, it is no longer easy to accept in public that we cry, in a world extremely critical and becoming crueler each day. However, doing the hard work of going inside and letting go was the right thing to do. I admired her release-journey from my side of the park. Because no one else can heal us or show us the right path. That is something that we learn with time, experiences and plenty of mistakes. Down the road, we have no other choice than to become our own best friend. Then I remembered, that I had candy on my purse for my nephew and niece. Sweet things cure everything, right? Yeah…about that, I have no idea who walks around with candy on her purse. Who does that? But then, I thought about it; I could get rejected for being nosy. Or screamed.

Still, I got up from the grass. Took out a napkin and a candy out. I walked over there slowly with a sweet smile. She noticed me walking towards her and stared at my face negotiating trust issues. Probably thinking, “who is this crazy woman?” Instinctively, she decided to trust me and took both; the napkin and the wrapped candy. And said thank you by looking me in the eyes.
On my way home, I got drenched walking in the rain. I love the rain during summer days. It was humid and hot last night, and the rain was a kiss from heaven. I kept thinking… what is going on? Why is the World hurting?

With Love, Wen
The Dominican Republic.

Running for Safety (Tuesday, June 25, 2019)

I feel at ease in beautiful places. Not that easy with people. I’m battling the feeling of “running for safety”. There is nothing more addictive than spending time with a soul who shares your dreams, a vision of life, personal meaning of happiness and could see through your fears and understand you perfectly. Plus, respect me and support me as an independent woman with my own goals and search for happiness in life. The thing is, I have been here in the past. In front of the same feelings of doubts and “running for safety”. It was disastrous back then and it took some time to heal. And now, it is freaking scary to imagine sharing my life of simple joys and emotional comfort. When I was younger and quite frankly sweet and naive. I thought that when it comes to relationships, the more you give, then down the road, the other person will start to value more what is in front of them. My definition of love was of complete adoration. And I was wrong and learned the hard way. Life is a survival of the fittest. The big fish, eat the small fish. In all areas of life. The liars will end up eating alive the sensible. So, we better get tough or life will make us tough.

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.” ― Anaïs Nin

I’m now more mature and also realistic with the same feelings. I made the wrong choices in the past with love and friendship. It was my fault for choosing wrong. I regret people from the past, and it makes mad to remember that at one point; they were MY choices. But, like everything in life, when something is initially too soft then it needs to turn into the opposite to grow and heal. I’m afraid, that as a defense mechanism I overdid it. And now, I need to go back and work again on what I fear the most. How do I fully trust a person, without judging based on my past choices and experiences? Is there a magic pill for trust? I’m tough negotiating words. I like writing and I know that words are easy. Action is what weakness my knees and make me run for cover. Do I run like I always do? Or do I slowly take my time on blindly trusting a scary chance?

With Love, Wen

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New Goals (June 9, 2019)

I have four major goals this summer. One, I want to enjoy the outdoors more often. Travel and discover nearby cities during the weekends – Amtrak, here I come! The second goal is to reduce the use of social media during the summer, especially Instagram. The third -and the main reason why goal number two is happening- I want to get my body ready for Crossfit. I have never done something so drastic as to make my body voluntarily endure the torture of Crossfit (joking), I spend many hours working in front of a computer and some type of boot camp training is exactly what I need. And the fourth reason, I want a quiet summer. And by quiet, I mean listening to music, walking, dancing, laughing, writing, reading, cooking and spending time working on a personal project that I keep postponing. I need to let go of past personal obstacles and judge more based on the present. Easier said than done, but I’m willing to put up the work. reyes

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Easy like Sunday Mornings (June 2, 2019)

Hello! and welcome to my weekly list of curiosities and discoveries worth sharing. I have been wanting to start this list every Sunday since the beginning of this year but coding lessons kept me distracted and away from my blog. As a matter of fact, I must confess that coding killed my creativity for a while. There was too much pressure. I’m working on building my dream career and not everything comes as planned. I’m starting to get used to the setbacks on every step and I’m not sure if that is good or bad. “Easy Like Sundays” is my space to share new articles from other creative humans that I find interesting during the week. Or to talk about a podcast that I have been listening during my commute from work and what is currently teaching me. Also to be able to share a new marketing trend or tips on improving a digital marketing career. The possibilities are endless. Also, I’m getting an increase in traffic from Canada, Europe, and South America. Thanks for the visit!

This week, I loved reading this article from the lovely Naty Michele. I’m feeling identified by many of the things she writes. I keep going back to read chapters of this book by Tim Ferris. It’s an incredible book for anyone working and pushing on their dreams. I’m crushing on this new dress for a wedding that I’ll be attending in August. This podcast from The New York Times Modern Love was funny and beautiful. I feel identified since I’m a bad driver. I’m trying this new supplement this week after reading about the benefits. I’ll keep you posted. This article was interesting, I never thought about keeping a weekly self-evaluation. I found fun ideas to try this summer on this bucket list. Until next week! More, on books. Plus, let’s stay healthy and naturally beautiful. And, have you re-examined your style?


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storytelling-curiosity-creativity-withlovewen-wendy reyes-walking-new york-new york city-nueva york-travel-viajar-explore new york-ellis island-statue  of liberty
Ellis Island, New York

A Walk Around New York (Saturday, June 1, 2019)

My favorite exercise will always be to explore New York City on foot. No trains. No buses. No taxis. No headphones. Cellphone in my pocket. Bringing my camera as my perfect solo companion and holding hands with my curiosity. Being comfortable with your own company is the best gift. I had a friend who used to complain a lot about how boring it was to wait or walk alone around this beautiful city. I smile in front of those comments. How could anyone be bored? Don’t they see art? Architecture? Human interactions telling hidden stories with their body languages, different accents, and eye contact? The chaotic noise? Which could be music or bad poetry depending on what we are looking for? The problem is that we are all looking down. Looking down to the world -problems & despairs. Looking down on people -emotions & egos. Looking down on a cellphone -slavery of our time. Let’s try turning off the cellphone on a weekend morning for just one hour. Buy yourself a camera. Join the “crazy crowd” by walking alone without headphones and start looking up. Who knows? You might discover new things about you, many stories about others and new places. Just make sure to start wearing comfortable shoes because once you find the comfort of exploring on your own then it will become a habit.

More, on exploring New York City. Plus, I have fallen in love with all the art in New York.


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The Red Dress (Growing Up In DR)

storytelling-curiosity-creativity-growing up in reyes-nueva york-nuevayork

Growing up in DR, it is imperative that your kids get invited to be part of a wedding court. It means that you have cute kids (just kidding). So, parents get excited (not much for the kids) to have their child as a junior bridesmaid or ring bearer on a friend’s wedding. We need to have at least one childhood Pajecito/a photo as a child. That way we could say, “You see? I was cute as a kid.” It seems that back then, the favorite theme wedding color in DR was passionate red. Therefore, my Mom (very astute) bought me a long red dress. Perfect for a junior bridesmaid. I liked it. She bought it long because I was going to be tall and growing up too fast. I got all the short dresses expired with my height. Usually, It was an average 85 degrees Caribbean weather and my mom was happy and ready for my future Pajecita career.

After two long years, of my successful wedding court career. My parents were proud to have their daughters being part of friends and families’ wedding albums. And after two years, I was ready for retirement. The dress no longer fit correctly. It was hot. I was tired of weddings. And there is a funny photo in our family album. I’m posing wearing the famous red dress and not smiling. Mom jokes that she gave away the dress after that photo because I’m posing as if saying “if you ever make me wear this damn cebolla dress again…”. Mami got the hint. The dress was passed along to another future Pajecita in the family. For yet another successful little bridesmaid career.

More about the Dominican republic.


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withlovewen-wendy reyes-art-storytelling-curiosity-hudson yards-nyc-painting-avantgallery-new york art-arte-nueva york-Storytelling, Curiosity, and Creativity by Wendy Reyes (WithLoveWen)

These paintings remind me of the other day at The Met. I was quietly guessing art at the Met when a guy that I’m going to call “The Expert” started a conversation and explained everything perfect about a particular art piece. I say “guessing” because I don’t have much knowledge about art. I just enjoy art and feel attract it to it. The expert was detailed in his explanation and highly knowledgeable of the different art periods (you know, Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modern Art, Contemporary and so on). An observant of the stroke technique in the paintings. He was aware of the estimated monetary value. And even shared stories behind the paintings. He was indeed an expert, as a matter of fact, that’s how he introduced himself.

I cordially listened for several minutes and then I asked him about my own curiosity: What do you think the artist felt when this piece was created? Or what are we supposed to FEEL? What was the emotion when the artist was being creative? He paused. And to my surprise, this time the expert stumbled with his answer and went quiet to continue observing the painting to find an answer. And I smiled. I imagine knowing the facts and history is easy. As a matter of fact, anyone could Google it. While giving a personal description of some type of creativity, like a painting, will always be unique and different because it comes from that single person point of view and curiosity. For example, how do you translate this photo? Ah, but humans, always so eager to decipher and put a value on things based on the exterior, but when it comes to finding meaning, we all go uncomfortably quiet.

Also, my camera is ready to bring my favorite art locations to this blog.


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Storytelling, Curiosity, and Creativity by Wendy Reyes (WithLoveWen)


frida kahlo-frida kahlo exhibition-new york botanical garden-comfort reyes-nueva york-nuevayork-Storytelling, Curiosity, and Creativity by Wendy Reyes (WithLoveWen)

During the past years, I learned many things about me. Many have always been here. Hidden stories were waiting to be discovered. The product of reality, maturity and life experiences. Have you ever walk around life with the undoubted certainty that you know who you are? But then one day, life makes you see yourself in a different mirror, and for the first time comes the discovery of what was hidden about yourself. I have lived in the skin of a pantomime that acted, smiled and moved like me, and the realization that I was discovering and honest version of me behind so many old masks. After such discovery, I started paying attention to my body and found inches of skin unrecognizable before. I became a fan of my body: my neck, the shape of my mouth and waves on my messy curly hair. Location on each birthmark on my body, shapes, colors, even fingernails, brown color of my eyes, my tiny feet in comparison to my tall height, glow on the skin of my shoulders, blue veins, and body symmetric. I was getting to know and accepting myself as I am. Not as other people perceived me. And neither as my expectations, which sometimes are different from reality, but as I am and I loved my recognition. Before this discovery, I used to see my body as clothing sizes in need of going up or down, the amount of weight required to drop, muscles to shaped and body to tone.

I saw my body according to how well the dresses in my closet fit in or not, and how tight the jeans were. I saw my body as a small or a medium size as a success, and a large number on the scale as a major failure. But at one beautiful moment, I found invisible written words on my skin from each person that I have loved. Some of these words from the past at one point gave me a scar and hurt me. Now, triumphantly disappearing with the daily renewal of my skin, self-love, maturity, and experiences. But, what I am most at peace now, is that If I see myself as a whole, I’ll be able to find beautiful words on each inch of my body from the many people who also love me unconditionally. But most importantly, from ME. I confess, at one point I was surprised to discover that most of these beautiful words came from my resilience. At some period in life, I gifted myself beautiful brave words and mantras, knowing that I was going to need them in the future.

Similar to someone in the middle of the sea, lost in a shipwreck, sending SOS messages to a soul who would respond years later into the future. SOS messages of self-love, resilience, and validation. Words which transformed my endurance and made me brave in several situations. These incredibly beautiful words are too many now. Becoming bigger each day and turning itself into the brightest light in any room. I accept now that my body is breathing intuition, vibration, and energy. No longer logic. No fixable-addictive thinking. Materialistic living and possessions do not satisfy my soul. I crave intensity, creativity, passion and spiritual connections. I was homesick my whole life, thinking that I was missing something or someone who I couldn’t find. When I became honest with my self, I discovered magically that I was no longer homesick. I found out that my missing home was in ME.

Also, get stronger with the Wellness series!


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Storytelling, Curiosity, and Creativity by WithLoveWen
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