One of my favorite hobbies is to write in my daily journal. It is not easy to write especially when the writing is personal and honest. The comparison is similar to walking wearing nothing in the street. A writing journal could expose your soul bare because sometimes it is easier to overexposed the skin than the heart.

Be Honest When You Start A Daily Journal

I once took a writing assignment that left me emotionally exhausted and that’s when I understood the incredible power of healing through writing. The subject was: Grieving and How it Affects Family Members. Two things happened with that assignment. One: I learned not to take another writing assignment about grieving. And two: It allowed me to release old emotions out of my chest and heal the loss of someone dear to me. I never wanted to share my words in the past. Words reveal all the secrets. And the more you practice the more it becomes an addiction because in my case, I feel such freedom.

Share Your Personality In Your Journal

Boldness and courage are required to publish personal writings to the public. When our words are publicly open we exposed our vulnerability and open ourselves to outside criticism. That’s why I wasn’t ready in the past. I’m a much stronger person. I like myself now. Including my words and vulnerabilities. But remember, it is a double sword because there are those who write honestly and but there those who don’t. And who might be purportedly revealing to the public a fictional character of themselves? The joke is on them because honest writing means going inward and few things in life help us mature and grow faster than facing our own mistakes and fears.

Favorite Books About Journaling (Click below):

Zen as Fck: A Journal for Practicing the Mindful Art of Not Giving a Sht

Good Days Start With Gratitude: A 52 Week Guide To Cultivate An Attitude Of Gratitude: Gratitude Journal

Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration

Prayer Journal for Women: 52 Week Scripture, Devotional & Guided Prayer Journal

The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future

Eccolo Rumi Writing Journal

Let That Sht Go: A Journal for Leaving Your Bullsht Behind and Creating a Happy Life


Negotiate With Your Feelings

A daily journal will feel life-changing once you make the commitment of seating down each day with your dreams or fears. Give those fears a name, a timeline and a due date in your life. Describe those fears with details and expose their ugly faces. Acknowledge your concerns, their existence is only to push you harder to another level. But negotiate with your fears and explain that they can’t stay forever in your life and need to move on away. Open new doors in your mind by staying connected to your ideas, goals, and dreams. Write them down daily.

Embrace Your Uniqueness and Originality

Our words are similar to the uniqueness of our faces. No other person on this planet has your face. You see it every day in a mirror and have become familiar with how you look. This familiarity has made you surpass the absolute originality of your features and your face has become another day-by-day routine. Daily habit had caused you not to pay attention to; However, one day you bump into a stranger at an event, who honestly admires your features, declares that there is nothing like your facial authenticity and emphasizes the shapes and contours that make your face… YOU. Would you see yourself as original, different and unique?

Writing is similar to such a discovery, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it needs to show your personality, uniqueness, and originality. No one else. Journaling and writing often turn into self-discovery and we become similar to the stranger admiring our unique features. Rediscovering the part of our souls that we kept covered or we didn’t know of its existence.

Seven Benefits of Daily Journaling

Here Are Some Benefits of Starting A Daily Journal

1. Confidence: Writing each day about your goals, ideas, sentiments or dreams in a positive way make your brain practice positive thinking. Positive writing and thinking will help you release endorphins to help you encourage your self-esteem and confidence.

2. Improves Memory: There is a connection between your hands and the brain. Journaling is a group of new ideas or thoughts coming together while writing.

3. Establishing a Habit: Practicing journaling on a daily basis helps you build or keep habits. The same as any new skill, the more you practice journaling, the better you’ll become.

4. Healing Old Wounds: The author of the book “Writing To Heal” talks about the fantastic benefits of daily writing on individuals. He is a doctor who practices making his patients write often. As a result,  patients heal from past emotions from either psychological or physical crisis. Journaling also helps combat stress from over-thinking and excessive planning. The more you organize your feelings and thoughts in writing the freer you’ll become from the mental drama.

5. Get Smarter: writing has a positive association with intelligence. It increases your search skills to new words and vocabulary.

6. Similar to Mindfulness: Recent research has connected happiness and mindfulness. The daily process of journaling could bring you to a comparable mental state achieved while practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness helps with letting go of the past and stop you from being anxious about the future. Journaling and mindfulness both require concentration and a non-stressful connection with your mind and thoughts.

7. Self-Awareness:  Journaling helps you in recognizing and handling emotions. It increases your intuition and empathetic skills.

Favorite Books About Journaling

The 6-Minute Diary (Grey) | 6 Minutes a Day for More Mindfulness, Happiness, and Productivity | A Simple and Effective Gratitude Journal and Undated Daily Planner

The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

Big Life Journal – Teen Edition: A Growth Mindset Journal for Tweens & Teens

Present, Not Perfect: A Journal for Slowing Down, Letting Go, and Loving Who You Are

The 5 Second Journal: The Best Daily Journal and Fastest Way to Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done

Gratitude Journal: Practice gratitude and Daily Reflection – 1 Year/ 52 Weeks of Mindful Thankfulness with Gratitude and Motivational quotes

The Morning Sidekick Journal – Morning Habit Tracker! Create Your Perfect Morning Routine. A Science-Driven Daily Planner for Building Positive Life Habits

Getting to Good: A Guided Journal

Today is the Day: A 90 Day Food + Fitness Journal: Daily Activity and Fitness Tracker to Cultivate a Better You

Several Ways To Start a Daily Journal

Beginners Journal

The easiest way to start an inspirational daily journal is by writing three sentences each day before the end of the day. Simple but highly beneficial.

Freestyle Writing

A much crafty way is doing freestyle writing. Sitting down with pen and paper (not a laptop. Not a cellphone) and make your heart free to bleed through words (kidding). Many things will come from this type of journal. It will range from healing to self-discovery. But also from creativity and reinvention of ideas. I love doing freestyle writing after I finish listening to a chapter in Audible, a Podcast or after finishing reading a great book.

Gratitude Journal

The most famous and highly recommended journal is the gratitude journal. Writing down from 5 to 10 sentences daily on what you feel the most gratitude in your life. This type of journal is famous for the right reasons, but mostly because it is life-changing. Magic will occur and this peaceful magic will be created by your own personal writing. Gratitude tends to have a domino effect. The more you practice, encourage and acknowledge gratitude and appreciation; the more it repeats itself. Like a boomerang. You send the good; you get the good back.

Quote Journal

Every time you read or listen to a quote you like, write it down on your cell phone or do a screenshot. Save it as the subject of your journal at the end of the day. Sit down to write with that sentence as the primary inspiration for your writing that day. Start your journal by writing your different descriptions of that quote. Apply it to your life and experiences, and start writing as if you were the author of such a quote. There is no need to choose one single way of writing for the journal. I write in all types of techniques every day. It all depends on the mood I’m in. Recently, I vary from freestyling to gratitude. But when I’m over exhausted or emotionally tired, then I simply do three sentences. Of course, there are days when I have skipped my journal altogether for a day or two. Start your journal and then choose along what technique works best for you. Trust me, something as simple as writing could help you in a positive way, how to think and make the right decisions.

With Love, Wen

All opinions are my own.


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