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What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

If you are a brand, blogger or a small business owner you probably know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Well if you haven’t then don’t worry. By the time you finish reading this post series, you’ll have a better understanding of what SEO is, why it is important for your website and how to get better results. This is the first post from a series related to learning about SEO. Stay tuned and check back this page often for updated articles. SEO is the quantity and quality of non-paid organic website traffic. SEO is about understanding people’s questions and the keywords they are using and searching for the “intent” on those questions are a big part of SEO.

Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important for Your Website?

SEO affects the visibility of your website on a search engine. Let’s say like Google; since it is the number one search engine. Let’s specify that when we talk about SEO visibility then we are talking about unpaid visibility in Google. There is also SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is the paid version of visibility at a search engine. But right now, let’s concentrate on just SEO (organic search). Pretty much, the result of optimizing SEO means more people finding your website. The challenge is how to use and improve SEO on a website to bring more sales, traffic, conversions, and revenue. Nowadays, people turn to Google to search for all types of interest. Improving SEO makes your website show up on their search engine when your website mentions the same content results that people are looking for. This represents an opportunity to connect with more people, answer their questions or sell them a product or service.

Organic SEO Search Results

The search engine results pages (SERPs) can be influenced by SEO. Organic SEO means an unpaid ranking. Organic search results tend to be more credible to the general public than paid advertisements and as a result, it receives more clicks. When SEO is set up correctly and in combination with good quality content then it gets ranked with the right search keywords and traffic. Optimizing a website will get you indexed in Google and eventually will make you appear in more results.

What Works for Driving Traffic from Search Engines?

Google is the king of the search engine and responsible for most of the search engine traffic in the world. Therefore, paying extra attention to getting a website indexed and ranked in Google is important for SEO results. Google is constantly looking for websites with high-quality information related to the search’s query.

  • Google would read and crawl your website searching for the right keywords.
  • It would then search the types of links on that website searching for the level of trust.
  • Also, it would search how fast the page is loading, especially how fast is it for mobile views.
  • Google would also search your content looking to read if it is original or a duplicate.

There are many other factors that Google use for their ranking.

More Tips to Rank a Website in Search Engines

Make sure Google can crawl your website. Have a website design that works on desktop, tablets, and mobile.

  • Put the keyword in the title, content, paragraph but avoid overusing the keyword.
  • Pay attention to the meta description.
  • Provide good content.
  • Use images and add the keyword on Alt.
  • Link to other related content on your site.
  • Make sure it is simple to navigate.
  • Provide a clear statement for affiliate ads.
  • Add high-quality external links.
  • Add the keyword in the URL and keep it short.
  • Pay attention to security issues on your website.

The work you put in SEO could improve the quality of your organic traffic.
The main focus of SEO is understanding how people search for things and how Google will display answers. Ranking in Google means being ranked on the best advertising search engine in the world. The magic of SEO is that it brings traffic to your website for free.

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The-SEO-Elevator-Pitch-SEO-Search-engine-optimization-withlovewen-wendy reyes

The SEO Elevator Pitch

How should we answer when we get asked about SEO? How can we quickly and effectively described SEO? First, there are many ways to explain SEO. Second, each answer might be right. In other words, SEO is a combination of skilled tasks performed to boost a website. While working on ways to boost SEO, I might be content-focused, keyword search focused, or fixed on technical development SEO. Search Engine Optimization means doing marketing while using search engines. For example, when an audience or viewers are searching for new information, they are looking to solve something by finding the correct information. And when they search, that’s when they will encounter my website’s content, which informs the viewers and guides them towards the next action on my page.

What Is The Goal Of SEO?

The goal is to make the content on a website to be searchable and found by the audience seeking that same content, which might transform the visit from an audience into conversions or clicks. When someone searches for a keyword or phrase on a search engine website, then my job as an SEO specialist is to make my website the right candidate for Google to show the candidate the content on my website. Improving my site and making sure it is indexed, crawled by Google, and working with good speed on both desktop and mobile is vital to boost SEO.

SEO Specialist Description

In my case, I’m a web designer and also create website content. I’m also a certified digital marketer. Certified search engine optimizer, certified in Google Ads, certified in Bing Ads (Microsoft advertising), certified google analyst and many other certifications related to coding and development. And I have a good understanding of what people search for at Google or Bing. But also, what they expect to see on a website after their click. Understanding the whole process gives me more ideas to create my content while targeting a positive result from SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a combination of design, content writing, keywords, and coding (HTML), and a Search Engine Optimizer combines the human experience with technology.

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Freelancing-What-Data-is-Needed-To-Pitch-To-New-SEO-Clients-SEO-Search-engine-optimization-withlovewen-wendy reyes

Freelancing – What Data is Needed To Pitch To New SEO Clients?

There are several ways for a freelancer to find new SEO clients. My favorite way is by using online advertising on social media or by using Google Ads. In Google Ads, a campaign could be created to bring a potential new audience that could turn into a client. Once a new client is interested in your services, then send them a pitch email to communicate the results that could be obtained with your services.

Find SEO Clients

A great way to do a client search is by using the keywords familiar with your targeted clients. Work with SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) on your strategy. The brands or small companies on the very top of SERPs probably don’t need your help. The brands or small companies with zero SEO experience might require an enormous amount of work to bring them up to date on the SEO world. These clients are unaware of the SEO benefits on a website and want to perform popular tactics on their website without much understanding of the significant impact of SEO ranking.

Ways To Win SEO Clients

If you are helping a local client, for example, an owner of a small business whom nows wants to have an online presence as well. Then you might even help the client setting up google analytics and google my business as well. We are talking about clients that have zero experience with Search Engine Optimization. The perfect clients would be in the middle ranks of SERPs, which could potentially be raised much higher with a good SEO strategy.

How to Pitch SEO to Potential Clients

Sending a good email pitch to a client is a great idea. But make sure that you analyze their website and suggest your strategy on your email key points. Emphasize on which area you see potential improvement. For example, finding too many broken backlinks and suggesting helping to fix them with your SEO plan for a better ranking. Do the research and advise clients about new keywords that could be added to their search strategy. These keywords can be found by examining competitive sites with a higher ranking. Teach the client about new technical SEO problems.

What Data Do You Need To Pitch and Win New SEO Clients

The goal is to share with the client all the actions and remedies that could increase performance on a website for better SEO. Create a presentable report. We are in digital, be visually creative with your pitch presentation. Things to add in your report would be:

  • A ranking report: how good is the targeted URL doing versus the competition, for a proper analysis of where the client is standing. Make sure the background search is done correctly by using relevant competitors to your clients.
  • An SEO Website Audit: Next is to analyze why the client is behind the competition and find the various cause of the problem within the client’s website.
  • A link research report: a detail on broken links.
  • A social media analysis: the difference in posting and engagement between the client and competitor.

The Importance of SEO Client Relationships

In your report, a highlight in bullet points describing the problems faced by the possible client and link those problems to the services you offer to fix them. Also, in bullet points, highlight what is making the client site rank low under SERPs. And give the client an estimated reachable goal. Don’t lie to the client. Don’t offer what you can’t deliver, or you’ll surely lose a possible long relationship with the client. Offer the client the actual results, improvements, and goals that you can provide.

Offer to send them a google analytical report of your findings and performance every month sharing enhancements. That way, you and the client could have a visible result to dialogue on what’s working or not for the client’s website. The analytical report is critical because it improves the transparency aspect of communication. Provide the client with a start and end date of the SEO campaign strategy.

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SEO Questions and Answers for

SEO Questions and Answers for Freelancers

How Do You Measure SEO Results?

The results from SEO may vary depending on the client. In some cases, it might be conversions, social media exposure, brand awareness, quality content, a good marketing campaign, more revenue, page views, or revenues. Search Engine Optimization is so much more than just visibility at a search engine. SEO is a series of marketing strategies that provide targeted results.

What Does An SEO Specialist Do?

Let me smile at this one because we wear many hats. The main job of an SEO specialist is to improve or increase the online business presence of the client. Sometimes that presence is surrounding visibility, keyword search, website design, the digital marketing aspect of the business, or he PPC campaigns and most importantly. We help take away all the online burden and liberate the client to concentrate on its business.

What Is The ROI of Hiring an SEO?

The return of investment of hiring an SEO varies depending on the client’s result expectations. For example, if the expected results are to increase social media. Then the SEO return might be measure on increase media engagement, shares, and following. If the expected client’s results are in traffic, then the ROI might be measured in conversions, clicks, and purchases.

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