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On Being An Empath: Storytelling (Series)

Do you feel it too? Why is the World hurting? Yesterday afternoon before the sunset, I was in the park before the rain. At the place under a tree that I call my reserved spot, where I only allow squirrels to join me. After a long walk, I was happily lost in my world of loud music, lying on the grass and observing people. I didn’t notice her until I paused my headphones. Nearby, there was this woman hysterically crying at the park. I don’t know her story, but her crying was full of this sadness that could turn anyone around into an empath. It touched me. Instantly, my problems became smaller compared to the pain coming from her energy. And I had this need of standing up and approach a complete stranger. I mean, she chose my reserved spot to cry.

The Hero Needs to Be Saved

You know, we all have this superhero complex, of thinking we know what would be best to help others. And in my superheroine moment, I considered to go over there and offer to listen. Or maybe I should inform her about this incredible book that helps people let go of sinking feelings? I got it. I should tell her about my favorite green-juice recipe that cures everything in life, even wrinkles? Was she depressed? Turmeric pills. Was it anxiety? Ashwagandha pills. Lack of sleep? Melatonin or warm almond milk at night. I should also inform her about Maca powder, right? Sprinkle that like glitter into everything you eat. Bake cookies with Maca. Why? Well, because… just trust me or do your research. Was it losing weight? I know, it is still bikini season. I’m on the same boat. I would suggest all the things that I’m doing for myself: the gym, nutrition and a healthy slow pace. Self-love helps a lot too. It brings sexy back. Was is grieving a loved one? Oh no, no cure for that one, except tears and time. A lot of time. Was it a heartbreak? That was easy, forget the loser and move on. Keep your head high, girl. I have been on the same boat as well. Social media? It is not real life. It’s Neverland. Everybody is faking a life. Sickness? Family? Friends? Stabbers? A boyfriend who cheats and lies? Work? A new career? Her finance? Kids? School? Coworkers? Parents? Her dog? Cat? The planet dying? GMOs on her food? Not enough money to travel the world? The news? Her body? The past? The future? Which one was it? Everything in life at once? Sigh.

I Got Me

In the end, I realized that she got it. Because she was doing the right thing for her. She was dealing with her problems at her own time. By letting go through tears. Hey, it is no longer easy to accept in public that we cry, in a world extremely critical and becoming crueler each day. However, doing the hard work of going inside and letting go was the right thing to do. I admired her release-journey from my side of the park. Because no one else can heal us or show us the right path. That is something that we learn with time, experiences and plenty of mistakes. Down the road, we have no other choice than to become our own best friend. Then I remembered, that I had candy on my purse for my nephew and niece. Sweet things cure everything, right? Yeah…about that, I have no idea who walks around with candy on her purse. Who does that? But then, I thought about it; I could get rejected for being nosy. Or screamed.

Still, I got up from the grass. I took out a napkin and a candy out. I walked over there slowly with a sweet smile. She noticed me walking towards her and stared at my face negotiating trust issues. Probably thinking, “who is this crazy woman?” Instinctively, she decided to trust me and took both; the napkin and the wrapped candy. And said thank you by looking me in the eyes.
On my way home, I got drenched walking in the rain. I love the rain during summer days. It was humid and hot last night, and the rain was a kiss from heaven. I kept thinking… what is going on? Why is the World hurting?

With Love, Wen

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On Being An Empath: Storytelling (Series)
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On Being An Empath: Storytelling (Series)
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