Taking the right supplement is one of the best ways to improve your overall health. Let’s talk about developing health changes and small conquered battles. Three years ago, I gave up alcohol and started incorporating healthy changes to my picky taste buds. I became a daily fan of hemp, Maca, Spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella, moringa, turmeric, chia, flaxseed, bee pollen, and many others. I replaced my regular sugar cravings for organic stevia and regular salt for Himalayan salt. I reduced Coffee from three daily expressos to just one regular cup in the morning. With the help of matcha lattes in the afternoons, I stopped drinking cow milk and instead became a friend of coconut and almond milk. Currently, I talk about raw apple cider vinegar, turmeric, and coconut oil to people as if I am speaking about my childhood best buddies. Ha! I am a lover of anything with the word “berry” on it (is your name berry too? then we got to talk…)

Healthier Every Day

My conversations became fluent with the phrases: outdoor, vitamin D, mother nature and “earthing.” The words “organic fruits” makes me jump for joy and happiness in the middle of an aisle at Trader Joe’s. Skincare, hair mask, and body scrub is not something you always buy at a store; sometimes you create them with natural products from the organic products in your kitchen. Baking soda, lavender and raw vinegar clean everything in my home. Don’t come nasally congested to my house; I will put eucalyptus all over you. Spearmint, dandelion, hibiscus, ginger, goji and peppermint tea are sacred rituals during the night at home.

Daily Habit Changes

The bottom line of this story. Four years ago NONE of these changes were present in my life and they have made a big contrast in my energy and health. So don’t tell me that little small changes cannot make a difference in people’s lives. We usually paddle our backs with the changes we make public, and that get the most recognition and validation from others, and ignore our small gesture of self-love as not necessary. When in reality those are usually hard to obtain, because it seems simple to postpone the things that you are working on in silence and keep them on your agenda marked as “later.” In fact, these small daily changes are those that transform into a giant mountain in the long run. Just a thought.

Getting Healthy – Here Are My Favorite Supplements:

Early in the Morning Before Breakfast:

I detox my body with two spoons of raw apple cider vinegar and one teaspoon of turmeric. Followed by a glass of warm water with lemon. I am still not a fan of the taste, so I usually gulp it as fast as possible without second thoughts. Sometimes, I have half an orange ready immediately after.


Hemp: It is perfect to improve your health. Hemp as a supplement contains minerals, protein, and fiber. It is one of nature’s best plant-based protein. Loved by vegans. It contains 20 amino acids. Loaded with healthy fatty acids. It helps combat fatigue and improves the immune system. Since it includes the right amount of protein, hemp contributes to boost the metabolism and increase fat burning in the body. Hemp contains linolenic acid and omega-three fatty acid which helps prevent coronary heart problems. It is a high fiber food which allows naturally lower blood pressure. Highly recommended for people suffering from the risk of osteoporosis due to its fatty acid GLA and EPA. It helps clean the colon by containing soluble and insoluble fiber. Helping reduce toxins and constipation from the body. It helps combat sugar craving (my number one enemy) since the high dose of fiber helps regulate blood glucose. It gives the immune system a boost, due to the plant protein called Edestin and Albumin for enzymatic functions in the blood, which makes them a great ally for a healthy immune system. I use the Navitas Organics Hemp Protein Powder. 

What is hemp? It is scientifically called Cannabis Sativa. However, hemp is the part of the plant that is considered healthy and safe and highly recommended for overall health improvement. I started adding a hemp powder supplement to my smoothies four years ago after I got sick. In the beginning, I used less than the recommended amount. Now, I take a daily teaspoon, and it is one of the best superfoods that I have gifted my body. Of course, each person is different. Currently, I do not take medications of any kind. People that do take medication need to be cautious and may find that hemp may reduce the effect of their medications. As with any other supplement mentioned in this post, consult your doctor before consuming hemp for the first time.


Maca: As Beyonce said, “Ladies, let’s get in formation.” Maca regulates hormonal balance, improves fertility and increases libido. I love it. I add Maca to everything I can. Instant oatmeal? Maca. Banana muffins? Maca. Homemade cookies? Maca. Smoothies and protein shake for the gym? They also get Maca. It is loaded with minerals like zinc, iodine, and essential omega-3 fatty acids and it is a supplement that supports brain function and stabilizes analytical and cognitive skills. It is a fertility enhancer due to its ability to increase the luteinizing hormone in the pituitary gland. The hormone associated with fertility. It helps with sexual dysfunction in both women and men. Increases virility and boost testosterone levels and prostate health in men due to its amino acid which helps regulate healthy hormonal balance. I don’t know much about the complete benefits for men but for women, the combination of Maca plus Shatavari is “Oh, so powerful…” Of course, everyone needs to do their own research before trying a new supplement. But Maca stimulates more than the imagination. Go ahead sprinkle Maca like glitter into everything you can. I use Healthworks Maca Powder Raw Organic.


Spirulina:  It is a blue-green alga with powerful nutrition benefits. I started using Spirulina due to its advantages in helping to detoxify the body from heavy metals. In a world in which wi-fi emission are surrounding us, plus cell phones radiations and pollution; it seems highly necessary to invest in a supplement which would help my body get rid of arsenic toxicity. So Spirulina turned out to be fantastic in that aspect. Among other benefits: Spirulina as a supplement that also lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, decreases the chance of stroke, boosts energy, speeds up weight loss and alleviates sinus issues. Also, recorded history confirms that the Aztecs in Mexico highly used Spirulina. My favorite Spirulina at the moment: USDA Organic Spirulina Powder.


Wheatgrass: It is a supplement loaded with amino acid, and an edible grass considered a superfood. High in chlorophyll. It cleanses the liver and helps detoxify the body and strengthening the blood. Rich in iron and vitamin A, C, E, and selenium. Chlorophyll promotes proper metabolism, balances hormones, detoxify the body and help with blood sugar regulation. I use it in combination with Spirulina by adding that to my morning green juices. I use Navitas Organics Wheatgrass Powder. 


Moringa: It is a supplement highly rich in healthy antioxidants and comes from the Moringa tree. A tree from which all parts are nutritious. The Moringa leaves are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins as iron, magnesium, protein, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B6, and exceptionally rich in vitamin C. Moringa is rich in potent antioxidants which help battle, also prevent chronic diseases and increases blood antioxidants levels. It also contains quercetin which helps lower blood pressure and contains chlorogenic acid which moderate blood sugar level. Based on animal study, Moringa reduces inflammation and maintain diabetics lower sugar level. But the main reason, why I started using Moringa was because protects against arsenic toxicity. The problem that we all face now with current daily habits and how food is currently being processed (GMO anyone?).

All opinions are my own and are based on my research trying new organic products to improve wellness and health. This article comes from positive change and response to my body. We are all different, so make sure to consult your doctor before trying any new supplement. Some of these great supplements may interact with medications if you take any. Do your responsible reading as well, and make sure it is okay for you to take them. Be well and stay naturally healthy!

Have you taken any of these supplements? What results have you seen on your body?

Thank you kindly!

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With Love, Wen

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Why Is Important To Add The Right Supplement To Your Daily Diet
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  1. Thanks for all these tips! I’ve started my days off with ginger tea and apple cider vinegar for about two years and it’s helped me get regular SO much.. I always had trouble before. This, together with eating better and exercising helped me also improve my skin a ton. It’s interesting how everything is connected!

    • Definitely, little changes could make a big difference in our health. I love the many benefits of ginger and apple cider vinegar.

  2. I absolutely love curcumin. I take it every day for a myriad of reasons. It is good for high blood pressure, detoxes the liver, it promotes bile flow from the gallbladder. It also helps congestive heart failure, and it can be used as an antibiotic.

    • Absolutely. You are right, I love Curcumin as well. I try to implement Turmeric on my diet for the same reasons and many other benefits.

  3. This was such an interesting read & taught me so many new things. I’ve never been on a diet so I’ve got no clue about any supplements or any other things haha. Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you, Jasmin. Supplements are not necessarily a diet. It is more improving our overall health and immune system.

  4. I completely agree about taking the right supplements. A lot of people think they get everthing they need from the food that they eat, but the sad truth is thats not always the case. I started taking a few supplements about a year ago and I just feel better throughout the day.

  5. This is a good read, I’ve always thought about implementing supplements in my daily food routine but didn’t know much about it! Thanks for sharing!

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