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Hi, I’m Wendy!

WithLoveWen is a lifestyle blog through visuals and storytelling. The name comes from the way I sign personal cards and letters. With Love, Wen. The surprising lesson from WithLoveWen.com was to witness an idea turned into a hobby. The hobby turned into a passion. The passion into the need to create. And the creativity into a permanent space to be able to share.

On my first post, I shared a funny story on how I started blogging. Previously, I went to school to study Business and spent several years working for the Transportation and Construction industry in New York City. Throughout the years, I discovered that my creativity and talents were inclined towards writing. I started freelancing online and wrote articles for digital women magazines as SheKnows Media and BlogHer.com (which is now owned by SheKnows).

As most newbies bloggers, I learned and developed skills as my curiosity and creativity were growing. Once I got my first domain in WordPress, I decided to start with coding lessons to be able to customize the theme design on my blog. I wrote a small ebook about blogging that I haven’t published, and back then I didn’t know how to create my book cover. I downloaded InDesign and Photoshop, locked myself into a room and invested every free available hour taking lessons. Using Photoshop and InDesign, I taught myself how to design my book cover and transfer the book format from a Microsoft Word version into an ebook downloadable version compatible with Amazon Publishing. Now I share blogging tips with friends who need help starting a new website, creating a logo or customizing the design.

My interest in coding grew and I took courses to learn CSS, HTML, and Javascript. I’m currently learning from Front End Web Development courses. And my long-term goal is to become a UI/UX Designer and help others improve the quality of the visual design of a website. I love being part of the tech industry, to keep on learning and the fact that this industry open s the door to a more flexible career. Including some with accessibility to remote jobs.


I’m the founder, writer, photographer, designer, and content marketing creator of WithLoveWen.com. Well, you name it. I do it all. I took different courses of Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing, Google AdWords, Creative Writing, fundamental Graphic Design skills, and necessary basic photography skills to become a Content Creator Freelancer. I am now proficient in navigating the technical aspects of WordPress and understand essential metadata, Lightroom Presets, and web-coding skills.

Since a very young age, I was an avid reader. My dad used to read us stories from his traditional literature encyclopedias, and I used to love each moment. When we first moved to the US, I gave my clothing to my friends, to create free space in my luggage and bring my dad’s collection of old books instead. In the Books section of this blog, I intend on sharing my favorite old and new books among paperback, Audible and Kindle.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

New York City
I loved New York City immediately, but it was not until my college years when I began exploring this beautiful city.  I remember buying an NYC tour guidebook as a Freshman student, a subway map and taking the NJ PATH train to the city, to explore all the famous landmarks and boroughs. New York City is a place that I cannot help but be passionate and enthusiastic. I want to share a bit of its energy, art, exciting events, and beautiful architectural places in this category: New York City.

Now you’re in New York. Big lights will inspire you.”

– Alicia Keys


WithLoveWen.com encompasses a stress-free lifestyle, with an emphasis on wellness, natural-beauty, inspirational-books and places to explore. Blogging is the category for those new bloggers interested in recreating a similar blog as WithLoveWen.com. I share tips learned as a new blogger.

“Digital Marketing is here to stay.” 

Lifestyle is the general corner of this blog. In here is where I show my style: I prefer to invest in classic pieces that I will keep for years, the elegant comfort of some feminine dresses, perfumes and using natural beauty products. I walk a lot and carry either a camera or a laptop. Therefore, comfortable clothing is essential for my style, but without sacrificing feeling pretty.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” – Coco Chanel

Beauty:  I’m a lipstick and mascara addict. My makeup is basic. I prefer to invest in maintaining and repairing my skin. I believe in improving my skin instead of covering imperfections. Self-love also means loving the skin I’m in. Therefore, I’m a fan of skincare: facials, essential oils, body-scrubs, products with organic ingredients and homemade beauty masks.

“Invest in your skin it’s going torepresent you for a very long time.”

The section on travel will be for places outside of the New York City area. I’m pretty excited about future content, and it will require new photography skills and improve to another level.

The wellness category will probably contain the most posts because nutrition and healthy daily habits are my number one priority now. We all live in a chaotic world over-saturated by pollution, radiation, excessive stress, GMO foods, bad vibes (energy affects our health as well), and unhappiness. Lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and books are the categories, where I share my discoveries into making my mind, body, home, spirituality and my world a better place.

“Inner beauty should be the most important part of improving one’s self.

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With Love, Wendy

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