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I am an island girl. Born in the Caribbean, in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Since a very young age, I was an avid reader and writer. My dad used to read us stories, from his traditional literature encyclopedias, and I used to love each moment. When we first came to the US, I left all of my clothing behinds, to create space on my luggage to bring my dad’s collection of old books instead.

New York City

I fell in love with New York City immediately, but it was not until my college years when I began exploring this beautiful city.  I remember buying a tour guidebook and a subway map and taking the NJ PATH train to NYC to explore all the famous landmarks and so many neighborhoods.  New York City is a place that I cannot help but be passionate about, and I hope to share a bit of its energy and places on this blog.

 Blog is a lifestyle blog through visual storytelling. I intend to display a story supported by images. Among those stories, there is a journal section called “Blogging.” On this category, I post about those steps, which brought me from being clueless about blogging to monetizing my blog. Under “Books” I share my addiction and romance with good reading.

Lifestyle is the corner of this blog where I reflect my taste. I love feminine pieces. Wearing my hair long. Trying on a new perfume. Outdoor walks. Feeling the sun on my skin. Making an effort on learning ways to improve my quality of life, and the life of those whom I love: physical, mental and spiritual. On the health section, I share those discoveries incorporated into my daily routine. And of course, I could not stop myself from creating a whole section of New York City. A city that has taught me valuable lessons, and given me so many stories. I remember my first impression as a new immigrant in the USA, coming from a small island in the Caribbean. New York City was bigger than life. I loved it immediately, and that love is still going strong.

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With Love, Wen

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 With Love, Wen

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