The Red Dress - Growing Up in DR: reyes

The Red Dress – Growing Up In DR: Storytelling (Series)

Growing up in DR, it is imperative that your kids get invited to be part of a wedding court. It means that you have cute kids (just kidding). So, parents get excited (not much for the kids) to have their child as a junior bridesmaid or ring bearer at a friend’s wedding. We need to have at least one childhood Pajecito/a photo as a child. That way we could say, “You see? I was as cute as a kid.” It seems that back then, the favorite theme wedding color in DR was passionate red. Therefore, my Mom (very astute) bought me a long red dress. Perfect for a junior bridesmaid. I liked it. She bought it long because I was going to be tall and growing up too fast. I got all the short dresses expired with my height. Usually, It was an average 85 degrees Caribbean weather and my mom was happy and ready for my future Pajecita career.

After two long years, of my successful wedding court career. My parents were proud to have their daughters being part of friends and families’ wedding albums. And after two years, I was ready for retirement. The dress no longer fit correctly. It was hot. I was tired of weddings. And there is a funny photo in our family album. I’m posing wearing the famous red dress and not smiling. Mom jokes that she gave away the dress after that photo because I’m posing as if saying “if you ever make me wear this damn cebolla dress again…”. Mami got the hint. The dress was passed along to another future Pajecita in the family. For yet another successful little bridesmaid career.

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Wendy Reyes Vélez

The Red Dress - Growing Up In DR: Storytelling (Series)
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The Red Dress - Growing Up In DR: Storytelling (Series)
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