Explaining Art: Storytelling, Curiosity, and Creativity (Series)

These paintings remind me of the other day at The Met. I was quietly guessing art at the Met when a guy that I’m going to call “The Expert” started a conversation and explained everything perfect about a particular art piece. I say “guessing” because I don’t have much knowledge about art. I just enjoy art and feel attracted to it. The expert was detailed in his explanation and highly knowledgeable of the different art periods (you know, Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Modern Art, Contemporary and so on). An observant of the stroke technique in the paintings. He was aware of the estimated monetary value. And even shared stories behind the paintings. He was indeed an expert, as a matter of fact, that’s how he introduced himself.

I cordially listened for several minutes and then I asked him about my own curiosity: What do you think the artist felt when this piece was created? Or what are we supposed to FEEL? What was the emotion when the artist was being creative? He paused. And to my surprise, this time the expert stumbled with his answer and went quiet to continue observing the painting to find an answer. And I smiled. I imagine knowing the facts and history is easy. As a matter of fact, anyone could Google it. While giving a personal description of some type of creativity, like a painting, will always be unique and different because it comes from that single person’s point of view and curiosity. For example, how do you translate this photo? Ah, but humans, always so eager to decipher and put a value on things based on the exterior, but when it comes to finding meaning, we all go uncomfortably quiet.

Also, my camera is ready to bring my favorite art locations to this blog.


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Explaining Art: Storytelling (Series)
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Explaining Art: Storytelling (Series)
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