I have a list of classic nail polish shades for all occasions. I have been through all stages of nail polish shades from the gothic black, girly-red, french manicure, bright neon, and bright colors. My all-time favorite was the french manicure. But I didn’t have a style define when it comes to nail polish preferences. Back when I was a student, my nails probably reflected the many colors of the flags at the United Nations. It was an experiment with colors and, to be honest, possibly matching colors with emotions as a young adult. It was a carnival.

Like everything in life, we learn with experiences and time. It’s all fun and games until we go back to our teen and college student’s photos and say, “Yikes!”. Also, those outfits, makeup, and hair colors that we used to wear. But no regrets. At one point in life, those “fashion” choices and mistakes made us happy, right? In my case, I only need to hide old photos under a safe-lock (and throw the keys), so no one else can find them, and all will be fine. Ha! All girls need to go through the awkward process of trying different types of fashion styles, so they could turn into women who understand what works for their style, skin color, and body type. Geez, that even sounds similar to dating? Ha!

When it comes to a manicure, I have learned that I don’ t need several nail polish choices. I only need what works with my skin color. That’s it.

The Right Classic Nail Polish Colors

I’m an island girl. Back home, we call my skin color, “trigueña.” A mix of the island triple-background: Native Taino Indigenous, Africans, and Spaniards. In the USA, we get called “tan-skinned,” “olive-skinned,” or “brown girls.” Now, let’s not get further into the details of people’s prejudices or love for labeling skin colors. The reason why we are talking about skin color is that is the number one thing to consider when we need to find the perfect nail polish for us. These classic colors are the best nail polish options according to my trigueña skin (mixed skin). But luckily since most of these choices are also “neutrals,” I would say they are utterly beautiful as well for some darker and lighter skin tones.

Here is My List of Favorite Classic Nail Polish Shades

The Nude Nail Polish

I will always be searching for the perfect nude color. Nothing says I’m a “grown-up” than a nude color shade. My problem is that there are so many excellent nude choices that I end up having too many of the same color patterns. Nude colors are my weakness when I go to beauty stores. Please hide them from me. I’m sure that one day I will find my “Mr. Perfect” nude nail polish and I will stop the hunt. My favorite nudes are butter LONDON 3 Free Nail Lacquer VernisBurberry Nail Polish – English Rose No.102Kendra Scott Shimmer Effect Nail LacquerOrly French Manicure White TipsEssie Essie 2-pc. Gel Couture Nail Polish KitNails Inc. NAILS INC. – NAILKALE – IlluminatorEssie Nail ColorOPI PRODUCTS, INC. OPI Original Nail Envy Strengthener – .5 ozCND Vinylux Weekly PolishSally Hansen Color Therapy Nail PolishSally Hansen Diamond Strength French Manicure in Barely ThereOrly Breathable Treatment + ColorZoya Nail Lacquer, and Pacifica Vegan 7 Free Nail Polish Collection.

The Perfect Pink Nail Polish

Pink nail polish is all that I’m into right now. It goes perfectly on tan-skinned. Plus is Summer now, and all those beautiful flowers and pink roses in my neighborhood are getting me inspired. I tend to try different varieties of pink colors during warm season weather, and I keep finding a favorite one each summer. Of course, no such thing as having too many pink nail polishes. Ha!

The French Manicure

Forever a classic nail polish, and it goes well with every single skin color. There are two types of women: the women who will only wear french manicures and those who give the French manicure a lousy reputation. It is a matter of taste and choice. I love French manicures. I don’t wear it daily, but I think it is still great for special events. The key to the perfect “Modern Frenchy” is on how I keep the shape of my nails and on using a pink-shade top base coat instead of beige. Let’s all keep on wearing and using whatever makes us happy and feel beautiful with our choices regardless of what doesn’t work in others. French manicures are the ultimate classy.

The Taupe and Beige-Grey Nail Polish

I didn’t fall in love with these classic nail polish colors immediately. Mostly, these nail polishes are tricky because I feel that they don’t always look good against my skin. Luckily, after many tries, I found the perfect balance. A neutral between beige and grey. I usually transition into these colors during the Fall season.

The Classic Red Nail Polish

I used to wear this classic nail polish color daily. Red is the eternal girly nail polish, and it will always give me a little “feminine vamp” to any outfit. It doesn’t matter if the outfit is a black-tie dress or just jeans and a tank top. It is mandatory to go into the hunt for the perfect “red” for our skin color. We have so many new options that when it comes to red nail polish on the market; there is no problem finding the ideal shade. A suitable replacement for a red color could also be an intense magenta. My favorites are Deborah Lippmann Nail ColorNAILS INC. NailkaleORLY Red Flare Nail PolishYves Saint Laurent La Laque Couture Nail PolishEssie Essie Fall Trend 2017 Nail PolishBurberry Beauty Nail PolishGucci Rush, Bold High-Gloss LacquerOPI Nail Lacquer, Madam PresidentBurberry Nail Polish – Oxblood No.303Cote Nail Polish (No. 36)Aly Running Red Lights Nail PolishRevlon Nail EnamelSally Hansen Color Therapy Nail PolishOrly Breathable Treatment + ColorOPI Make it Iconic Infinite Shine CollectionJulep Color Treat Nail PolishPacifica Vegan 7 Free Nail Polish Collection, and China Glaze Nail Lacquer with Hardeners.

The Vamp Nail Polish

This color always reminds me of my first job in the city during my 20’s. It was my daily favorite. The right classic “vamp” for me runs into the dark purple or dark red wine categories. Never black. It is too extreme for my skin color. The ideal dark vamp is a mix of both purple-red colors.

hope these choices are helpful. Remember, we are all beautifully different. Therefore we need to find what works for us according to our uniqueness and tastes. There is nothing wrong with trying new colors and failing. That’s how you will discover your “Mr. Perfect” nail polish. Do any of these classics work for you? What color is your ultimate favorite?

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With Love, Wen


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The Classic Nail Polish Shades For All Occasions
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The Classic Nail Polish Shades For All Occasions
When it comes to the classic nail polish shades, I don' t need several choices. I need what works with my skin color. That's it. | WithLoveWen.com
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  1. I never really thought about my skin color with my nail polish. I’m also a big fan of French manicure. It’s classic and polished. In the summer (especially on my toes) i like a color nail color.

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