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I shared my experience as a blogger and content creator on this post. The e-book will be FREE as a thank you gesture to my old and new email subscribers. You will get an email once the book is completed and available for download. This FREE Blogging eBook will be easy to read and follow.

When I started blogging, I had to learn and research everything on my own. Many things took longer than necessary for me to get it right, and others were quite frankly not important at all or just a waste of time. I intend to simplify that process by not adding the “things I wouldn’t do if I were a new blogger.”

Here is the list of topics and steps included on this FREE eBook:

Getting a domain name.

How to create a new self-hosted WordPress account.

Basic step-by-step topics to understand how to navigate WordPress dashboard.

Best time and days to post on social media.

How to create your first email subscribers list.

Ideas on what categories to use on your new blog.

Ideas on what to say on your bio or “About Me” page.

Creating your first post.

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