WithLoveWen.com is a lifestyle blog through visuals and storytelling.

WithLoveWen.com encompasses a stress-free lifestyle, with an emphasis on health, natural-beauty, inspirational-books and places to explore. Blogging is the category for those new bloggers, interested in recreating a similar style of a blog as WithLoveWen.com. I share some of the tips learned as a new blogger.

The most significant lesson has been starting out as a daily journal and turning that passion into online content-marketing. Where I share the things I honestly love with my subscribers and followers, and I describe them from the perspective of a consumer. There is so much to learn, share and explore.

Lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and books are the categories, where I share my discoveries into making my mind, body, home, spirituality and my world a better place.

All curated by Wendy Reyes.

All opinions and photos belong to WithLoveWen.com.

The name comes from the founder’s signature.

With Love, Wendy Reyes

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