The positive benefits of reading are too many to list in a single post. As people say, reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Of course, I’m not talking about daily “smartphone reading,” as a tweet, Instagram post, a text message from a friend or any other social media posts. I’m talking about the type of reading considered a pleasure time and enjoyment. Those moments of concentration that gets you acquainted with a book and connect you with a single story; its plots and characters from the moment you open the first page.

Benefits of Reading

Cognitive Stimulation:

True story: Several years ago, something unexpectedly bad happened to me. My memory was the most affected. I couldn’t function as before; therefore, I became obsessed with quick cognitive recovery. I had the best neurologist treating me. A young doctor believer in modern medicine but also of alternative methods. This neurologist told me that besides memory therapy; the best thing I was able to do for my brain was never to stop reading. Because staying mentally active through reading would renovate and repair the brain.

I also tried all sorts of new activities: learning a new language, writing my thoughts on a notebook, painting, dancing, outdoor activities and of course reading. I invested in companies like Lumosity and CogniFit which function as online exercise programs for the brain and memory. These apps have become popular among people of all ages. Some of the incredible benefits were more focus, concentration, and alertness. We tend to forget that our brain is a muscle and like any other muscle, it needs frequent exercise practice required to keep it healthy. Besides reading, If you want to learn about improving your mind, then you must watch this YouTube TEDx Talk from Psychiatrists Daniel Amen. Based on his book – Change Your Brain, Change Your Life. I’m a witness of what determination and a strong will can do for improvement and recovery. There are plenty of tools and apps targeting students with concentration problems or senior citizens with memory problems. I would say if you don’t have the money or the technology then try the old ways of reducing TV hours, get yourself a library card, start a daily journal and take more walks in the park. I guarantee that you’ll start seeing improvements. Our modern habits of TV entertainment, long seating hours and frequent strolling in our cell phones are destroying our brains.

Minimize Stress:

It doesn’t matter how big is the chaos in your life. A good book will make all disappear. When you find ourselves concentrated into a great story; a fantastic book exercises the imagination, creativity and provides entertainment. It takes the mind away from the present and helps with relaxation and learning. My favorite “Me, Myself and I” moment is when I sit in a quiet corner holding a cup of tea, while I get lost with a great story.

My Recent Favorite Books:

Paris Time Capsule or A Paris Apartment, both based on the true story of a beautiful apartment abandoned in Paris for seventy years. This beautiful apartment was opened for the first time, and it was discovered that it belonged to a Parisian Belle Époque courtesan who left hidden secrets, a story of romance, history, and mysteries inside the apartment. I devoured both novels in a couple of days. These books were incredibly fun to read. Great stories.

Paris Time Capsule or A Paris Apartment, both based on the true story of a beautiful apartment abandoned in Paris for seventy years. This beautiful apartment was opened for the first time, and it was discovered that it belonged to a Parisian Belle Époque courtesan who left hidden secrets, a story of romance, history, and mysteries inside the apartment. I devoured both novels in a couple of days. These books were incredibly fun to read. Great stories.


Reading contributes to entertain and replenish the brain with new data and information. The more valuable information you feed your brain, the more engaged the mind has to work, face new obstacles and look at upcoming challenges. Therefore, be selective with your reading choices. There is evidence that book lovers can make their brain come alive with emotions and senses stimulated through reading. A similar advantage for those who prefer listening to a good book. Let’s say through The brain gets to “light up” while hearing a narrated story. The central part of the brain which process language gets activated. Reading makes you connect to real-life experiences archived in the memory. While reading or listening to a news story, the mind gets to believe at the moment that the story has been lived or experienced.

Memory & Focus:

Every time I read a book, I end up remembering a series of situations: place described, characters and episodes. Focusing on a single subject is vital for our brains to face modern days communication. Day by day, our mind is split into several tasks, work, and assignments. Think of yourself now, while you are reading this on your computer or smartphone. How many more tabs do you have open? Any apps? There is so much to unlearn. Communication today is an avalanche of information from all directions and sometimes taking us nowhere. It’s an illusion that makes you believe that by being super active at the same time then the mind must also be learning and processing information at the same speed. Have you heard the term: “Concentrate on one single task for better results”? It applies to your habits as well. However, when you read a book what happens? You are engaged in a single task. Just a unique story at that precise moment. Such solitude of attention is excellent and healthy to improve your memory and gain focus.

We also learn how to relate to others while reading. It increases the capacity to reason what others are thinking by reading into people’s feelings. As we let go of the mental distortion in the real world. In-depth reading allows us to sense what the characters fell within the story. Reading makes us more empathetic and increases our awareness of others.

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Fight Alzheimer:

The National Institute on Aging stated that some factors associated with Alzheimer’s could be prevented. Evidence suggests that activity as reading has enormous cognitive benefits. People who don’t exercise their brains stand a chance of losing brain power. Reading engages the mind and prevents inactivity; which prevents the likelihood of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Recommended Books:

Blindness by Jose Saramago

I recently read a book called Blindness by Jose Saramago, a compelling fictional story about a deadly epidemic making everyone exposed to the disease, to become blind. In the story, people who became sick were collected and secluded in a hospital to avoid spreading the virus to the rest of the community. In the middle of that blindness, the victims started showing up their real humanity and spirit. Except for one woman at the hospital, who was able to see and saw the behavior by those affected. It is through her eyes and her narrative story that we learn the behind scene among the blinds. This book talks of blindness as a physical disability, but also as a cultural, ethical and moral problem. Do we live in a society blind with the pain of others? This book left me speechless with the similarity with our modern world. I couldn’t stop reading. Blindness is the type of book that makes you analyze the details in life. It got me thinking about the privilege of our senses, and the many things we take for granted.

If you close your eyes, would you still identify the sound of the rain? How about the intensity of the thunder and lightning? Or the smell of the earth getting wet from the rain? And the sensation of walking in mud? Would you recognize the particular sound of the steps of that person you love approaching? – Wen

We do so much talking throughout the day. We carry that egocentric habit of exposing others constantly to our words and thoughts. And by doing that, we forget how to hear and listen to our surroundings, our bodies, and other people. If we go blind today, what would save us: the way we often talked or how we listened?

The Time in Between By Maria Dueñas

I cannot write enough about how much I enjoyed this book called The Time in Between by Maria Dueñas.  The Time in Between is about a young woman, Sira Quiroga. She has been a seamstress since childhood. As a girl in love, she leaves her old boyfriend, moves to another country with her new lover, learns to survive being abandoned and penniless, builds a reputation as a high-class seamstress and ends up becoming a spy to prevent an upcoming war.

I could not put this book down. Each new chapter was even more engaging than the last one. It became even more enjoyable when I recently discovered the TV series on Netflix! I rarely watch TV, but this series got me glued for days thanks to the book. The series has the same name as the book, The Time in Between. The actors were incredible, and each episode has an addictive effect, like in the book. It is an exquisite story, and if that is not enough then just wait until you see the character “Ramiro” on the screen. Ha! I was drooling.

Note From An Introvert:

I do not leave home without a good book, in the case of “end-to-the-world” scenarios like finding myself hanging out with a group of people who are regularly gossiping and enjoying other people’s problems (kidding). It is preferable to talk about new books, articles, people’s interests or hobbies. I prefer to be engaged in an extended conversation about dreams, ideas, questions or good books. Here is something that I believe: Energy and vibration are food to our souls. We must defend the person we want to become or act against what we do not wish to do. By firmly choosing between engaging or blocking superficial behavior. If the experience is soul-drenching, energy-sucking, contagious or forcing involuntary participation that destroys your vibe. Then maybe, just maybe, we need to get creative with ways on how to politely say no. I do not feel sorry for finding away, to walk away from engagements that make me feel uncomfortable or destroy others. And believe it or not, choosing well how you spend your time and saying NO to things that might stress you are very healthy for your brain as well. Reading instead can help you understand other cultures, give you a mental replica of real-life scenarios and ability. It allows us to explain new words in our minds. Reading makes it possible to visualize and understand other cultures and cut prejudice.  The benefits of reading are endless. What book would you add to the list?  What are you reading?

Thank you kindly!

All opinions are my own.

With Love, Wen



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Wendy Reyes Vélez

Your Brain on Books: 6 Benefits of Reading
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Your Brain on Books: 6 Benefits of Reading
The best thing for the brain is to never stop reading. Staying mentally active can help repair the brain.|
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  1. Great article! Reading is also a huge stress reliever for me, there’s nothing better than getting lost in a thrilling book.

  2. I loved your post. As a writer, teacher and book reviewer, I am fortunate to be tied to reading. And thanks for recommending the book Blindness by Saramago, have now added to my tbr list.

  3. Though I read a lot, I did not know about the “benefits” of reading. It’s incredible.

  4. as a book reviewer, I love to read, and read at least three books a week, sometimes more – when I can find the time. Books are so cool! Thankfully my children have the same love for books. Blessings!

  5. I have to start making more time for reading. I love to do it, due to the stress relief it provides. Getting away from real life and getting caught up in a story is always great!

  6. I’ve loved reading ever since I was a young girl. I truly encourage everyone and anyone who wants to gain knowledge, enrich their life and just have a stressfree activity to find a genre or author they’re interested and just read. It’s so amazing.

  7. I so need to get back into reading every night instead o alwaysf working up until bedtime! It DOES help stress!

  8. I love reading but haven’t dedicated enough time to it recently. I’m going away this weekend and plan to read lots on the train there and back!

  9. reesann723 Reply

    I used to love to read! And then I stopped for a long time! I just picked up a new book with the hopes to get back into it!

  10. alisonrost Reply

    I’ve been a reader all of my life .. although I wish I had a little more time as an adult. When I was growing up I’d spend long afternoons with a good book. As an adult .. it’s more 15 to 20 minute increments. Better than nothing .. but it can be a bit harder to follow the storyline. Either way .. I’m glad for the escape!

  11. Minimizing stress is something that I really need to be doing right now. When you read, you can fly away to far off places or become a part of someone else’s life. I need to get a book for this weekend.

  12. I am a huge fan of curling up with a good book, and forgetting all of the stress of the day. I feel like it’s the perfect escape, and keeps my mind busy. I love how it takes you to different places and keeps you learning 🙂

  13. I absolutely agree with this post. I am such a lover of books and try to read a little each day. I find it good for my mind, body, and soul!

  14. This is such a clever and informative post (pretty rare on blogs these days, and I love reading these so much!). I love books and even though I read some of them on my Kobo there’s nothing like a real paper hardback! I have way too many of them:) x

  15. My school work is all reading. I probably read 100+ pages everyday from my school books. I find it so nice and relieves stress

  16. I am sorry to hear that you were sick, do you mind me asking what happened? You don’t have to tell me but I am pleased that books helped you with cognitive recovery. When I was a child books were the one escape I had from the abuse I was facing at home and it was seeing the beauty of words and the impact they had on our society that made me fall in love with reading/ writing/ books x

  17. I always loved reading, and I knew it was good for you but I had no idea it could help fight off Alzheimer. That is really good to know. I will check out some of the recommendations, as I haven’t read any of them before.

  18. Nothing makes me happier than reading a good book, not just to myself but my daughter too. It broadens and relaxes the mind. Being curled up on the sofa, with a cup of coffee and a great book, is true bliss.

  19. I’m a huge fan of the Book of The Month subscription. I’ve discovered so many great books that way. I’ve been slacking on reading lately because I’ve been trying to catch up on all my podcasts, but I really miss cozying up with a good read.

  20. Elizabeth O. Reply

    Reading has done a lot for me in the past years and until now. It remains to be an escape, a stress reliever. I’ve always liked fiction because it takes you on a whole new world.

  21. thefashionableaccountant Reply

    I absolutely love reading! I’ve always been the girl with my nose buried in a book! I love to escape in the plot and the characters.

  22. These are all such great and important points. I stress this to my kids all the time, yet I never heed my own advice. I used to be an avid reader. But once I began reading blogs and blogging, it sort went by the wayside.

  23. I remember seeing pictures and hearing about the Paris time capsule apartment. I really want to read those stories! I didn’t know there were books based on it.

  24. Growing up, I detested reading. It was always forced upon us in school to read boring stories that didn’t interest me. When I got out of school, that is when my love for reading grew! I love to read now. I lucked out, my oldest daughter loves to read and so does my youngest!

  25. I really need to get lost in a good book. Its been WAY too long since that happened. Right now I’m overloaded with a million things to do, so I cant seem to find the time. But – hope to soon!

  26. Reading is one of the biggest joys of my life. When my sister and I were younger, my mom always made it a point to buy us books instead of toys. This taught us both to love reading from a young age.

  27. You can never go wrong by sitting down and reading a book – Alzheimers is such a real fear for myself and my husband, I never thought reading could help! My goal this year was to read 30 books, life has gotten in the way and embarrassingly, I’ve only read one. Tonight, I’m making time.

  28. People think they don’t have time to read… but I did the calculations,,, the average person watches 4 hours of tv a day,,, the avg book is 6 hours long,,, You could read 240 books a year if you cut out TV!

  29. Also I will add here that the more you read, the better writer you become. I love spending hours just reading.

  30. I love reading. It is a relaxing time for me, one that I don’t get to go as much now I have a baby. I didn’t know that reading was one of the best things for your brain. Good to know

  31. fleurdelilah Reply

    Great post! I have always enjoyed reading, but have really started getting back into it in the past year or so. Any tips for making it a consistent habit? And Kindles are heaven sent—lightweight and better for the environment!

  32. echoesofhervoice Reply

    I love reading and I couldn’t agree with your points more. Thank you for this post!

  33. Ah! I love reading so much! And I didn’t know a lot of those benefits so extra bonus!! I’ll have to check out your amazon picks 🙂

  34. robin masshole mommy Reply

    I don’t read, but my husband loves it. He takes the train to and from work every day and reads like 5 or 6 books a month that way.

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