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During this Valentine’s day, I’m intending on giving my friends and family; gifts of some significance. What could be more meaningful and caring than a present from the heart? Is there such a thing, you would ask? Yes, there are plenty. But, I immediately think of two: a dedicated song or a book.


That’s when I adopted minimalism in my closet. Which means buying classic pieces and neutral colors that I could reinvent throughout the years, instead of purchasing many trending colorful pieces that were going to be out of style next year or season.

Creativity has many benefits for good health. It is a joyful natural habit from our passions, hobbies, and ideas. It is using the imagination to transform an idea into work. Sometimes, we are often busy creating but in a robotic way and tend to forget or see the motivation behind each of our creations. Benefits of Creativity Problem Solver Getting in touch with creativity requires constant learning, development, evolution and forces us to become better at our own game. Problem-solving usually requires two types of cognitive skills: analytical and creative. Analytical thinking comes from order and comparison while creative thinking…

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